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Creative coping: how graphic designers responded to the pandemic

Think Food Bank

Under increasing strain during the pandemic, food banks and those they support need all the help they can get. Designers Maisie Benson and Holly Kielty had a hunch that the challenge isn’t a lack of people wanting to donate, but a lack of in-store reminders to do so. “We decided to act fast and take the matter into our own hands,” said Benson. 

Think Food Bank is the result. The pair – who got chatting via Instagram and are yet to meet in person – created simple stickers showing the key items that food banks need, to urge shoppers who have the means to pop extra into their trolleys before checkout. After posting the designs on social media, they were inundated with requests, and have already sent out 800 stickers for the price of postage only. 

They want people to go guerrilla. “We envisage the stickers being stuck on shelves, trolleys, baskets – anywhere in supermarkets that might just remind someone to pick up some extra items,” said Kielty. 

Illustrations are accompanied by cheerful prompts, from a bowl of rice that urges ‘be nice, buy rice twice’, to ‘don’t forgetti, donate spaghetti’. The pair are now speaking to supermarkets to get the stickers permanently in stores.

Image: Think Food Bank 

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