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Amarinder Singh says “Objective of Covid restrictions is not to harass people, but to protect them”

Solutions Summit: Amarinder Singh spoke to NDTV about Covid crisis.

New Delhi/ Chandigarh:

Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh today urged people to follow Covid protocols as he insisted that “our objective is not to harass people with restrictions but to protect them”.

“Punjab’s economy suffered last time when he had a lockdown in Ludhiana. We had to arrange 400 trains to send people to Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and other places. However, it’s needless to say that some checks are required whether in malls, restaurants, or cinema halls. Our objective is not to harass people but to protect them. So we have done all that’s possible with minimum restrictions,” Amarinder Singh stressed today while speaking on NDTV’s Solutions Summit. 

Young people and rural areas are getting affected in the state amid a fresh surge of infections, he underlined.

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