KFC Employee Wins Hearts For Helping Customers Daughter With Special Needs

The internet is filled with incredible acts of generosity that make us smile. Recently, a video on Twitter showed how two restaurant employees served food to a customer with special needs. Restaurant employees are trying their best to make the experience memorable and comfortable for their customers. However, one employee working at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) went out of her way to make a customer’s daughter feel comfortable. In an incident shared in a viral Facebook post, Lauren Clarke narrated her experience at a KFC outlet in Manchester, United Kingdom.

The post was shared by Lauren Clarke, a resident of Old Trafford, on 12th April, 2021. Since then, it has gone viral receiving over 3.2k likes and 1.9k shares. Take a look:

It all started when Clarke and her family, including her mum, nana and six-year-old daughter Madison went shopping. Madison has autism and can only understand certain words, and she began to get agitated. In a bid to distract her, Lauren Clarke took her to KFC which, as it turned out, was under maintenance. She rang up the employees and explained the situation. They suggested her to visit the drive-through window, even though Lauren did not have a car at that moment.

The KFC employee, Emma, who took their order did her best to calm Lauren’s daughter Madison down. “The lady at the till called Emma was very calm taking my order, she was very polite, smiling away and was talking to Madison,” wrote the relieved mother.

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A KFC employee was lauded by internet users for the incredible act of kindness. 

Later, she realised she didn’t have her bank card to pay for the order, which is when the KFC employee Emma offered to pay for her order. “What an absolute act of kindness and a credit to have as an employee. This afternoon could of gone terribly wrong. Anyone who has a child with special needs knows how challenging it can be to completely change a child’s routine. I’d love this message to get back to Emma that works at KFC old Trafford. Thank you so much for you act of kindness for me and my daughter,” wrote Lauren in her post.

The heartwarming gesture by KFC employee Emma received immense praise from Facebook users. What did you think of the post? Tell us in the comments below.

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