What Goes Into Making A Perfect Bowl Of Rajma? Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur Shares Tips

What Goes Into Making A Perfect Bowl Of Rajma? Celebrity Chef Kunal Kapur Shares Tips

Rajma is a North Indian staple.

‘Rajma Chawal’ – the very thought of this wholesome dish melts our hearts and makes us smile. A north Indian staple, this dish always finds a room full of enthusiasts who can speak at length about its taste, texture and flavour and how well it blends with our palate. If you too are a dedicated rajma chawal fan like us, then you surely know how indulgent and comforting this dish is. Visit any quintessential north Indian household, you will surely find rajma chawal in their meal spread every alternate day. But have you ever noticed the dish doesn’t taste the same every day? Even if you add the same quantity of ingredients and follow one particular cooking process, rajma will taste different every time. Wonder, why? The answer lies in the tomatoes. Surprised?

Celebrity chef Kunal Kapur recently shared a secret tip on how to make a perfect bowl of rajma. He took to his Instagram to share a reel that features Chef Kapur saying, the tangier the tomatoes are, the tastier the rajma will be. Yes, you heard us. He further asks to cook the tomatoes (grated or chopped) well to get the best flavour out of it. He further added that “for some reason”, rajma (also chole and kadhi) tastes better the next day. What do you think?

Watch here the video shared by Chef Kunal Kapur:

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Now, when you know the secret to delectable rajma chawal, rush to kitchen and prepare yourself a wholesome meal. And to help you, we bring the classic Punjabi rajma recipe that makes for a great meal when paired with plain rice. Click here for recipe.

We also found the popular Kashmiri rajma recipe for the ones looking for something unique on their plate. Click here for the recipe.

And the ones who avoid having onion and garlic in their meal, fret not, we have got you covered too. Find here a rajma recipe that includes no garlic or onion in it.

Enjoy your meal!

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