This Comforting Recipe Of Mango Rice Is A Treasure Of Protein As Well

If we were to name one thing that defines summer for us, it has to be the mango. There is something about this juicy, pulpy sweet fruit that can make us forget about the blazing heat, even if it is for a moment. Also called the ‘king of fruits’, mango has many varieties. If you have grown up as a mango lover in India, you are very well aware of the timeline – when does safeda arrive and when is it the time for langda and chausa to dominate our fridge. In addition to the ripe mangoes, raw mangoes are also quite celebrated in India. In parts of West India like Mumbai and Gujarat, raw mango or kacchi kairi is cut in thin strips and served with sprinkle of salt and red chilli powder. The popular snack is a hit among fitness enthusiasts too.

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Raw mangoes are packed with fibre

Turns out, you can experiment a fair amount with raw mangoes. It has a characteristic khatta or sour taste that can elevate any dish and make it super refreshing and delightful. You can toss them in salads, use them to make chutneys or chop them and pieces and add them to your rice.  Yes, you heard us. Mango rice is a delish comfort food that your tummy would thank you for. This interesting recipe combines goodness of raw mangoes, urad dal, chana dal, rice and curry leaves. It is just the right amount of tarty, earthy and spicy. It is basically your dal chawal,  but a whole lot zingier. Most importantly, it is so wholesome and rich in nutrients that you can easily consider it as a light lunch option, unless you are on a special kind of diet.

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Rice is an intrinsic part of Indian staple diet

Mangoes are loaded with fibre and disease-fighting antioxidants such as vitamin C and E, urad dal and chana dal on the other hand are an impeccable source of plant-based protein. Protein is called a building block of life. In addition to aiding muscle recovery and building muscle, protein also helps satiate you. If you feel satiated, chances of over-eating or unhealthy eating also comes down.

Here is the incredibly easy recipe of mango rice. Try it today.

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