Sameera Reddys Happy Omelette Will Make You Smile – See Pic

Sameera Reddy's Happy Omelette Will Make You Smile - See Pic

Sameera Reddy keeps her social media handles candid and fun

Sameera Reddy’s social media timeline is a fun place. And, this time through her Instagram Story, the actress took the happiness quotient one step ahead. She posted image of an omelette with a happy face drawn on it. Crediting the “artwork” to her son Hans, Sameera interacted with her followers with a question. Asking her fans how they are feeling, she gave three options: Happy, Ok and Sad. If the cute post has your heart melting, then you will love the rest of Sameera’s Instagram page. The account is filled with pictures of her family and her life in Goa.

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One such recent post was of her daughter, Nyra, meddling around with a plate of noodles. Sameera captioned the Reels as, “My little maestro baby enjoying her noodles and music with her chopsticks.” She also called her daughter a “noodle earring baby Mozart.”

The adorable video left Sameera’s Instafam gushing. One user wrote, “That magical smile melts my heart right away. Oh god.” Another said, “She is an adorable baby. I keep waiting for her Reels all time. Lots of love.” Sameera’s mother-in-law Manjri Varde also joined in the fun by saying, “Noodle music whilst conducting a delicious opera.”

On a related note, Sameera and Manjri enjoy a wonderful camaraderie that fans cannot seem to get enough of. The duo posts a bunch of videos under the title “Messy Mama and Sassy Saasu.” The subjects range from food to self-care. In a recent video, they introduced followers to Manjri’s methi thepla. “You will always find methi theplas in our house! And a whole variety of pickles and chutneys! It’s very easy to make and convenient to snack on or add to a main meal! It also stays in the fridge for 15 days! Which is super,” the caption read.

The video also featured a recipe for the special Methi Thepla. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to try it out.

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