Good Food, Great Music And Vintage Vibe – The Piano Man Has It All

What’s better than good food and music to break the monotony of life! Be it after a busy workday or over the weekends, we love meeting up friends for some candid conversation, foods and drinks. And what adds on to the whole vibe is the ambience and music. One such place is the The Piano Man in Delhi’s Safdarjung area. Taking a break from work on a weekday evening, we visited The Piano Man; and upon entering we were instantly transcended to a different era with its vintage vibe.


With huge chandeliers, dim-yellow lights, wooden staircase and a signature piano at the centre, this place has its own charm. It is an almost two-storied property with classic art and architecture, reviving the Jazz clubs of the 80s and the 90s. Besides the guests, this place hosts some of the talented and budding musicians of Delhi who perform live music at the centre stage and turns the environment yet more vibrant. The Piano Man also hosts open mic where any one can go up to the stage and perform.

Food & Drinks:

We decided to sit back, relax and enjoy some good music and food. While sipping in some refreshing cocktails- Singhal malt and DJ’s Cliffhanger – we ordered for stuffed mushroom in nonya sauce, spicy chicken and soy dimsum, and chicken and chives dimsum. Crispy mushroom, encased in house-made sweet sticky Malay dipping sauce- stuffed mushroom offered a burst of flavours to our palate. Besides, we must mention the dimsums were soft, juicy and melted in our mouth in no time.


In Picture: DJ’s Cliffhanger


In Picture: Stuffed mushroom in nonya sauce

While going through the menu for main course, a dish grabbed our attention with its unique combination. It was okra sambal with coconut rice. Bhindi with coconut rice – sounds interesting, right? It was the same for us too. However, getting past all our apprehensions, we ordered the dish. To our surprise, it turned out to be nothing like we tasted before. Tender okra, tossed in house-made sambal sauce, served with crispy onions on a bed of coconut rice – this dish is irresistible! In other words, this dish offers every flavor our palate craves for.


In Picture: Okra sambal with coconut rice

With a satisfying experience, we called it a day and returned home with a feeling of containment.

If are looking for a break for a few hours while staying in Delhi, we suggest do visit The Piano Man. You may also visit their Gurgaon property too.

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