PHOTOS: From an Aston Martin to a bright yellow Lamborghini, check out Ranveer Singh’s top 5 luxury cars

Just like his sartorial choices, Ranveer Singh’s choice of luxury cars is a jaw-dropping collection that is unmissable. Check it out.

Ranveer Singh means business every time he steps and that is why the actor does it in style! Be it a red carpet event or simply an airport pickup or drop, Ranveer makes sure he chooses the right hot wheels for his travels. Apart from slaying in the fashion department, Ranveer also has a bevy of luxury cars that he rides in and each car seems to serve its own purpose. 

While he chooses the solid Mercedes Benz GLS usually for his airport or event appearances in the city, the actor usually rides his Aston Martin Rapide S when he”s going out solo and on more chill occasions like parties or a football game. We decided to round up Ranveer Singh’s top five luxury cars that the actor usually is spotted in when he’s out and about in Mumbai. 

Check it out: 

Aston Martin Rapide S

Seemingly one of Ranveer’s favourite car, the actor was recently spotted driving his white Aston Martin Rapide S when he arrived at Alia Bhatt‘s birthday party. As per reports, Ranveer gifted himself the car back in 2017 on his birthday and it comes at an eye-watering price of around Rs 3.29 crore. 

Mercedes Benz GLS 

One of Ranveer’s go-to car, the actor has been spotted a number of times riding in this matte black beauty. A popular car among Bollywood celebrities, Ranveer reportedly got this full-sized SUV customised in matte. This is the same car that in October 2020 had a bit of an episode as it got into a minor road accident in Mumbai. 

Jaguar XJL

The ‘Gully Boy’ actor is not often seen travelling in the Jaguar XJL but nevertheless uses it for quick pitstops around the city. The luxury sedan in shape is a rather long-ish car which makes it difficult to navigate the insane Mumbai traffic. 


A fitting synonym often used for Ranveer Singh is loud and the actor’s car collection seems to be an extension of that. Back in 2019, Ranveer was seen riding a striking red Lamborghini Urus. However, several reports revealed that the actor had not actually purchased one but was only testing it. Just a few weeks ago, Ranveer was snapped arriving at a dubbing studio in a bright yellow Lamborghini and goes without saying, he looked pretty cool behind the wheels. 

Convertible Ferrari 

Ranveer has had a latest addition to his swanky car collection and a convertible red Ferrari seems to have made the cut. The actor, who often goes live on Instagram while travelling, recently gave fans a glimpse of his Ferrari as he shared a selfie from inside the car. 

A few other cars that Ranveer Singh also owns is the Range Rover Vogue, Mercedes-Matbach S500 and a Ciaz since he was its brand ambassador.

What are your thoughts on Ranveer’s collection of luxury cars? Let us know in the comments below.   

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