How to Build a Table

Building a table is a satisfying project that takes you to the roots of basic, do-it-yourself woodworking. In about a weekend, you will have a simple, beautiful table designed to your own specifications and needs—all without having a workshop with expensive, specialized tools. The table in this project has a 30-inch by 48-inch tabletop made of veneer hardwood veneer plywood.

While a table has few components, it can be difficult to build a solid, wobble-free table with no visible fasteners. Simply screwing table legs to the table apron will result in a shaky table, since table legs nearly always need some type of extra bracing. In this project, you will fashion your own corner leg braces, or you can purchase inexpensive surface-mount corner metal braces. Diagonal bracing means that you spend less time on feats of engineering and more time on styling the look of your table.

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