How to Build a Raised Garden Bed With Legs

A raised garden bed with legs makes it easier and more comfortable to tend to your garden. You’ll be able to grow flowers, herbs, and even small vegetables at waist-level in this 3-foot by 2-foot raised garden bed that provides ample room for rich garden soil. Plus, with a base of wire mesh and landscape fabric, perfect drainage is built into the design.

What a Raised Garden Bed With Legs Is

A raised garden bed with legs is a table-like structure made of durable materials that raises the gardening surface above ground level.

For most residential gardeners, the raised garden bed should remain fairly small, around 3 to 6 feet long. Larger raised garden beds with legs are possible, but they are more difficult to move.

A favorite durable material for raised garden beds is cedar. Cedar is attractive, inexpensive, easy to cut and drill, and it weathers naturally on its own.

The height of the raised garden bed with legs depends on the gardener’s needs. For many people, it’s best if the top rail of the garden bed is around waist-level. For this project, the rail is 30 inches high.

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